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Power Raking

What is power raking?

Power raking is a more aggressive form of removing the thatch on a lawn. The machine that we will use to power rake your lawn is the size of a typical push mower that has mechanical flails that dig the thatch out of the lawn. On certain lawns you will see about 3 times more of the thatch be removed than from dethatching.

After the thatch is flailed from the lawn, the entire lawn is raked, blown and gone over with a mower to pick up as much of the thatch mess. This process is not only more aggressive but is far more labor intensive than dethatching which increases the cost of the service by at least double, if you hire a company to do the work.

Does my lawn need Power Raking or Dethatching?

The most common asked question is: Are they the same service, just different machines? No, they are not the same service, so yes they are done on different machines.

These terms are typically interchanged when speaking about removing thatch from your lawn and this can cause a lot of confusion. It also can cause some frustrated customers when they ask for Power Raking and get a dethatching instead. Here are the guidelines we use in order to slim the chances of confusion.

Power Raking - This service is typically used to fix the problem of a thick thatch layer that has not had thatch removal done recently or you have a thick lawn that may be mulched often. The thatch layer is typically thicker than 1/2 inch on the surface.

Dethatching - This service is used for preventive maintenance of the thatch that does occur but it is not an issue, per se, but you want to avoid ever having the issue. 

What if I am still confused or unsure what to do?

Even if you do not choose our company, we will always be happy to answer any questions that you may have at any point.


1. Trust your gut.

2. Ask them questions about their processes.

3. If the company has 2 different price points the 2 services, then you know they know the difference. Power Raking cost double, at minimum.

4. Get 3 estimates, if you are still unsure.

What should I expect from the power raking process?

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