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Our Values

Under Contruction

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide you with a life long companion for both families and/or single owners.

Our Puppies

Will be up to date on Vaccinations & Worming (documentaion will be included)

Be raised indoors around family and visitors

Handled and Socialized from birth

Complete the Neurological Stimulation (day 3-day 16) *more information can be found on a subpage

Introduced to many different objects, smells, sounds, surfaces, situations and to people of all sizes and ages.

Will have completed basic training in a fun and positive environment

What to expect?

Puppies may leave for their new home at 8 weeks old. At this stage they will have had a veterinary examination, dewormed, and their first set of vaccinations. The veterinary visit will include a full examination of each puppy to ensure that you are recieving a healthy puppy.

He/She will also have completed the Neurological Stimulation which is also called Super Dog training. We have dedicated a sub-page to go over what this entails and the importance. They will also be introduced to many different sounds, smells, objects, surfaces and situations so that he/she will be likely acclimated to any typical environment.

Each puppy will come with his/her own portfolio including their pedigree, AKC papers (full/limited), 2 copies of his/her medical record (one for your records and the other for your veterinarian), a stuffed puppy that will have the scent of their mom and siblings (to make the transition easier from our home to yours).

Puppies are currently eating Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain Free Food.

We will also be available for any questions, concerns, advice, support and/or guidance.


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